About Us

The Mortgage House was founded on the principal of putting customers first. And we do just that – by offering an extensive selection of loan programs to meet the unique requirements of almost every borrower. Whether it is a purchase loan, a reverse mortgage, or a refinance to lower an existing interest rate, consolidate debts or make home improvements – The Mortgage House has a full range of options to help tailor the ideal financing for customers.

The Mortgage House was formed in June of 1995 to establish a mortgage banking organization dedicated to honesty and service. Licensed by the Department of Corporations, under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act – License #4130097, California DRE License #01199120, CA-DOC37660.


The Mortgage House is a direct lender, not a mortgage broker. From application to funding, everything is handled locally. We maintain “hands-on” control of each file every step of the way. That means no surprises, no last-minute requests for additional information, no layer-upon-layer of corporate bureaucracy to slow things down. Approvals are delivered quickly. Funding occurs on time. Better yet, all the behind-the-scenes activity needed to process and close loans quickly and efficiently becomes absolutely transparent to our borrowers.


In the increasingly impersonal bureaucracy of giant mortgage lenders, many important niceties have been sacrificed along the way. Mortgage customers often complain of getting “lost in the system,” of being put on hold and left there throughout the entire loan process! They long for the days when they could deal with a real human being and be more than just another file number.

At The Mortgage House, we embrace those things that were good about the “good old days” – the personal touches; the commitment to fast, friendly, efficient service; the chance to get to know our customers personally and to have fun with what we do! At the same time, we also incorporate all the latest bells and whistles of modern technology and the most flexible, affordable pricing possible.

We are proud to share the Business Philosophy Statement that every associate and employee of The Mortgage House signs and is dedicated to following.