Employee Benefits

Professional, highly experienced support staff.

Contrary to the usual mortgage company operation, the majority of the support staff members have been with The Mortgage House for well over five years. Branches include highly experienced staff members dedicated to moving all mortgage applications through the system fast and efficiently, devoted to early approvals and closing on time. Loan officers team up with staff and a dedicated group of local underwriters to make it all work as smoothly as possible. The Mortgage House is proud to note its origination, processing and underwriting personnel have many years’ experience in their fields, generally way beyond the norm.

An aggressive compensation structure for commissioned employees and excellent staff wages.

The Mortgage House operates on the firm belief that commissions on a higher level will entice the most experienced and dependable Loan Officers to its team. The same is true of staff wages and benefits. The commission structure is not tiered to go down as closings increase, quite the opposite.

The Mortgage House proudly has one of the most comprehensive, affordable insurance packages of almost any employer.

It includes extensive major medical, dental, vision and life insurance. A 401K plan is available and encouraged for every employee.

The Mortgage House is locally owned and operated, concentrating on the State of California.

Personnel are encouraged to talk to the CEO or whomever they want in order to get action on anything that concerns them. Approved as a direct seller to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and partnering with the best of investors on a Correspondent basis, The Mortgage House is able to seek out the best product and price for every customer. Most importantly, employees of The Mortgage House really care about the customer, thereby making coming to work a pleasant experience.