Our company is founded on a few important principles
that we share with you as a new member of our “House.”

Fun, Positive Attitude

  • We will find time to have fun! We will maintain a positive attitude, with smiles on our faces. We remember that nothing is worth jeopardizing our health or our psyches.


  • We will do everything possible to maintain a sense of family. Everyone will pitch in and help: we will act as a team; office politics will not be welcome in our “House.”


  • We welcome you to THE MORTGAGE HOUSE and anticipate that your experience here will be a satisfying and rewarding journey for us both.


  • We are dedicated to being a truly unique company that reflects quality in everything we do.


  • We stand for excellence! Our goal is to do whatever necessary to responsibly serve our clients, both our customers and business associates. We expect the same level of quality to assure all of our efforts are met with unquestionable satisfaction.


  • We uphold the highest levels of personal and professional integrity and honesty. We will always be truthful with our customers and business partners. Nothing will get in the way of the truth. Our goal is to always do the right thing.

We have funded over $10 billion in loans throughout California, with a leadership team of over 200 years in combined experience.

Our Management Team

Jack W. Schakett


Ira Cohen


Vegard Lindas

CTO and Managing Director

Marius Nicolau

COO Operations

Ferry Ajdari

Executive Vice President

Kristi Magnussen

Executive Vice President

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